Room + color = atmosphere

Our goal is to create a noticeable and long lasting improvement of the mood in rooms with the help of colors and Buildings’ Soft Skills: Archicolor and Pia Anna Buxbaum optimize the relationships between color - light - space - materials based on scientific findings and the IACC method (International Association of Color Consultants).

In rooms and buildings the focus is on the interplay of all Buildings’ Soft Skills, colors, shapes and materials. Because colors and buildings interact with each other and have an effect on us humans. We develop harmonious color tones with fine color nuances, which are optimally matched to your needs and the room’s functions.

"Like music, it's all about harmony, color sounds, counterpoint and volume.
We compose melodies for your rooms.
To make you feel good and stay healthy for a long time."

Color and light design in the context of Buildings’ Soft Skills of Archicolor in five steps

1. conception

We identify precise requirement specifications for space - color - light - materials and define the desired atmospheric qualities for each room together with you.

"What is the aim of the design?
Do you want to reduce stress and be more efficient? Do you want  to give your rooms a special character? Or do you simply want to feel just really good and stay healthy?

2. Sounds of colors - light - materials
Pia Anna Buxbaum puts together colors, painting techniques, materials and lighting concepts that create the chosen atmospheres. Large color samples are tested with the material samples under different lighting situations. This results in a conclusive color concept with two to three variations.

3. Color design
On site, the concept is shown with the help of hand samples or larger color samples and the color nuances or variants are selected together.

4. Translation into space
Color surfaces, proportions and transitions are precisely defined on site. The topic of Buildings’ Soft Skills is discussed: Materials with their impact on indoor air quality, life cycle costs and sustainability are selected.

5. Nuances
After the first coat of paint has been applied to the rooms, Pia Anna Buxbaum decides together with you on the refining of color nuances. Here again a lot of living quality is created to make you feel good. You will experience a significantly improved living, working or health care environment.