Bulldings' Soft Skills

What kind of materials are "fine rooms" made of? What kind of complex building properties support our needs and promote our well-being in the best possible way? Which human-building- interactions are relevant?

Factors that influence us as humans (Buildings’ Soft Skills) are for example:
The quality of light and colors, air and water, residential psychology and ergonomics, building materials and proportions, acoustics and the relationship to nature.

Definition of Buildings’ Soft Skills


„Buildings’ Soft Skills (GS) are the characteristics of a building that affect the health, perception and behaviour of people. In this context, the building consists of all the spatial structures that serve to accommodate people. Buildings’ Soft Skills should meet our needs for well-being and health, based on scientific knowledge. This can be achieved through the very properties of the building itself  or through the modification of environmental influences".

Developed within the framework of the ffg-supported qualification network „Buildings’ Soft Skills" at the Danube University Krems 2017-2018. Over 80 participants from science and from the practical fields. Initiators: Pia Anna Buxbaum, Susanne Formanek, Gregor Radinger, Hannes Gerstmann.

The book "Gebäudesoftskills - neue Dimensionen im Bauen. Praxis - Wissenschaft - Kunst", Published by P.A. Buxbaum, E. Oberzaucher with art works by M. Wegerer, is announced for fall 2020.

Archicolor's credo is to put people and their well-being at the centre of our planning, building and designing process.