About Archicolor

After 15 years of international practice, Pia Anna Buxbaum expanded her work as an architect with room volumes, proportions, statics, materials, etc. to include the aspect of color with her diploma as Color Designer IACC (International Association of Color Consultants). Since 2013 she has been working on the topic of "Buildings' Soft Skills". 2018 Graduate of the "Qualifizierungsnetzwerk Gebäudesoftskills" at the Danube University Krems.

With a lot of creativity and empathy Pia Anna Buxbaum developed since 2002 more than 120 projects on the topics of colors, light and Buildings' Soft Skills for indoor and outdoor areas in healthcare, offices, industrial construction, living, urban space, etc.

Scientifically proven effects of light, colors and other Buildings' Soft Skills on people, are used in her work to define mood qualities indoors and outdoors.

Through finely tuned colour nuances, special painting techniques and selected materials rooms are turned into places that create a sense of well-being, keep us healthy and provide us with really good accommodation.