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Project selection

  • Colors as Buildings' Soft Skills for the health sector and offices
  • Projects on Buildings' Soft Skills and their complex human-building interactions in space
  • Wide range of color schemes for private apartments and houses

Since 2002, more than 120 color designs and projects on Buildings' Soft Skills in the areas of health care, nursing, offices, manufacturing, urban planning, facades, private living, … have been created, such as:

    • Kolping Österreich,
      Wien und NÖ
    • Pizzeria "That's Amore", 
      1030 Wien
    • Uniqa - Versicherungsbüro Wimmer,
      1150 Wien
    • Verein "VinziRast",
      1120 Wien
    • IBO - Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und -ökologie,
      1090 Wien
    • at Home Immobilien GmbH,
      1170 Wien
    • Knorpelzentrum Wien,
      1190 Wien

"Mrs. Buxbaum’s sensitive and precise perception of our needs and our environment made the color design of our rooms a wonderful experience.“
C.E., atelier and apartment


2016 - 2018 the interdisciplinary qualification network "Gebäudesoftskills" (funded by FFG) took place at the Danube University Krems. 
Initiators starting in 2014: Pia Anna Buxbaum (Archicolor), Susanne Formanek (BEUC Ecoplus, GÜNSTATTGRAU), Johann Gerstmann (Geniolux), Gregor Radinger (Danube University Krems).

In 2013, Pia Anna Buxbaum coined the term „Buildings' Soft Skills" for areas in the construction industry that have a strong influence on the well-being of the users, but are not given enough attention, such as color, light, acoustics, outside views, living psychology, ...

2010 Archicolor wins the competition "Unternehmerinnen mit Format" for best business concepts in Austria.

Since 2002 color concepts for architecture.
Since 1997 working as an architect in Geneva (Switzerland), Paris (France), Berlin (Germany) and Vienna (Austria): project management of large-scale projects to single-family passive homes with ecological materials.