Archicolor... and rooms start sparkling

Effects of Colors as Buildings' Soft Skills in our environment

Colors have a holistic effect on humans and create specific moods in our environment. Our body, psyche and spirit react to this. Colors as Buildings' Soft Skills have constant subtle effects on us. They can provide us with information and support our needs.

Video "Color Relations“

Effects of color combinations

With help of scientific findings, color psychology and architecture we can use these effects in targeted planning. The increase of well-being, orientation and concentration are immediately noticeable effects.

Experiences with Archicolor

Pia Anna Buxbaum's work is based on a degree in architecture, many years of practical experience as a project manager, a completed training as an "IACC Color Consultant" and high a sense of color nuances and building site soft skills that has been developed over many years.
As an architect, Pia Anna Buxbaum, has developed over 120 projects: medical practices, residential and nursing homes, offices, apartments, houses, facades, restaurants, shops, ...

When working with Archicolor, our customers are enthusiastic about the diverse possibilities of Buildings’ Soft Skills and the positive effects of colors:

Through  Pia Anna Buxbaum’s work our house has gained a lot in living quality and we’ve been able to avoid many mistakes. The color concept rounded off our project. We all feel very happy and comfortable here.
D. u. G. E-B, private builders

The design of my psychotherapy practice according to psychological color aspects supports me in my work and always creates enthusiasm among my clients for the pleasant space atmosphere!
V.B., psychotherapist